Kalin Stoev
Junior .Net Developer
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About Me

Enthusiastic about developing practical and timesaving software solutions. Adept at identifying issues with existing software. Committed to working with teams and clients. Delivering cost-effective timely results, with thinking out of the box.

LocationSofia - Bulgaria, Bulgaria


  • Software University
    Software University

    2016-09-14 to 2018-03-16
  • New Bulgarian University
    New Bulgarian University

    2016-09-29 to


  • United States Embassy
    United States Embassy

    Developing applications using ASP.Net MVC Framework, Entity Framework and Microsoft Azure. Optimising Front-End development with HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap and JavaScript (jQuery and AJAX). Using BitBucket, JIRA and Git Shell throughout the workflow. Wr

    2018-04-29 to 2018-12-19

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